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About Me

Hi there! Welcome to A Strange Perspective. I’m Angel DeJesus a.k.a Ange Da Strange. I was given the nickname for implementing an everyday perspective on how I look at the world, somewhere between the cosmic & comedic. Part George Carlin, part Neil DeGrasse Tyson, all Picasso. Humans (including myself) are a simple & interesting bunch with complex ideas that often get lost in the sauce.  I am an Ecuadorian Nuyorican that doesn’t take himself too seriously while at the same time taking great pride in my work. My working career for the last 20 years has seen 16 in retail with 4 as a NYC Access-A-Ride Driver, and I did both for all the wrong reasons. It’s my intention & mission to reflect on my past, present, and future experiences as they relate to all things good and horrifically wrong with (American) culture. Or even humanity as a whole. I’m moving forward with a new found lease on life in this post-pandemic world. I’m a current student at York College, but also a student of life. I hope to bring visual and thought provoking content to you as I continue MY lifelong journey toward enlightenment. Pretty deep, huh? But I invite you to take a look around, comment, join in, and/or come along for the ride.