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Internet Happiness

Hello everyone. Thankfully. Due to my relationship with the Internet, over the weekend I was able to watch two recent episodes of my favorite shows. Looking beyond those two, the internet contributes to my happiness almost all the time. I use it almost exclusively to stream some sort of media mainly in the form of music. I don’t do Instagram, Facebook, or Tik-ToK. And I actively repel all things related to the current state of rap, Hip-Hop. Too old for that $#!^. I’d like to say that I only utilize the internet for educational enlightenment purposes but I’m sure I slip up every now and then like most. But anyway, I digress. I thought I’d share my favorite content from over the weekend. I hope it brings you all as much joy as it does me.

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First Gif

Hey everybody. I wanted to use my first GIF post to piggy back off of my internet happiness one. In it I embedded a set mix by the DJ group Tale of Us. What you didn’t know or should I say I didn’t include is that if it weren’t for the video game Grand Theft Auto 5 I wouldn’t even know about these guys. This is them at my in-game club Galaxy killing it…

And yes, I game during my leisure to maintain my sanity and happiness. Where else would I be able to put myself in a situation like…


And deal with my trolling haters like…

No I do not condone violence nor I do I think/believe video games directly cause it. But on a more serious note. I’m glad I can officially say I know how to make a GIF. I’m a Taurus so I just couldn’t resist including a bull in something. I love the creative range Prof. Seslow allows on here. I unfortunately am taking JOUR282 at the same time as this class and it’s (writing) is much more restrictive. But I’d like to think I’m a smart rebel…

And hopefully by the end of the semester be more comfortable marrying all these skills, metamorphizing them into my own so I can be a better all around communicator and not feel like this all the time…


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Are Memes Art?

I don’t know if it’s an age and/or generational thing. I don’t care for it but I definitely appreciate it when it’s well done in my eyes. I equate it almost like a random (art) museum visit. Everyone’s going to have a different favorite exhibit, and some people might just feel indifferent or unimpressed. Memes are a great tool for digital communication but they are limited to just that. Humans can’t, haven’t, nor will master basic vocal interaction and here we go in a digital age making things more complicated. But anyway, that said…

But then…

Now. Since I don’t want to go and/or get lost down the meme making ( hole any more than I feel I have to for the day. I invite anyone reading this to my last 3 posts for the digital version of some of my  backstory.


And now…


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My Favorite Musician

My favorite Musician is drummer Danny Carey

He became my favorite drummer after this guy…

Lars Ulrich. drummer for Metallica.

But anyway. Back to my guy. Danny Carey. Drummer for Tool. Rock band with a signature art style you might’ve seen. To be that good of a drummer I believe takes the same type of discipline that is required to master the art of digital storytelling. It’s always important to keep finding fresh new ways to tell your story. On that note.

Here are two of my favorite songs that highlight his drumming skills…

Allegedly the art style is inspired by a psychedelic herb called Ayahuasca. Also known as DMT.  Here’s Joe Rogan talking about it…


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Domain Name Ideas

Before the spring 2021 semester began I was thinking of the type of content I’d like to create since being a game designer didn’t work out.


And like game design. It really has no limits. I just want to “artistically” be able to do whatever I want and be a one man wrecking machine.


Having a domain that can be the original home of all things me & my content is something I  don’t want to take lightly. I’m old-school minded. Just because our name carries our image and “reputations” with it, doesn’t mean we have to share our entire self with the world. I am my mother’s son. Angel DeJesus. There are too many working parts to me, my family, and my story to just casually put myself out there. Or am I paranoid?

Eh. For that I should do…

Spinning the direct translation…

I like that one as my runner-up. I’d rather people find out my name and develop a curiosity of who I am thru my work/content. I still believe in (some) privacy. I also thought of switching my gaming name to my domain.  or

But I believe my best working domain name is…

It’s the name I had originally thought of for a podcast of some sort. And since The Strange Perspective is taken, I believe I can at least start mine, then scale it with whatever else from my domain. The idea for that and more came from one of my favorite stand-up bits of George Carlin who famously said “…It’s a straaange culture…” Check it out down below.

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Domain Name Aquired

Confession. I didn’t set up my domain Thursday after class like I thought but I did do it Saturday at 2am like the true Nuyorican hipster that I am. The process was simple and Professor Seslow could not have done a better job with making the class recording be a live tutorial. This is for you Professor…


Looking back to when I was thinking of my Domain name. I was surprised to see no iteration of Anj_Da_StranJ was available but for some strange reason my name was. And just like that. I went with it. Especially since when you google Angel DeJesus all you get is a host of Americas finest Hispanic convicts. As soon as I hit that confirm button, took a deep breath and realized the magnitude of what I just did. I felt…


It was so empowering. At this point in my life knowing everything I want to do and will ever want to do and/or create can ALL be under my complete control.


I look forward to the next few weeks and beyond as it looks like I’ll have something to keep me busy this summer with no classes going on for me. Given my experience with political correctness and “cancellation”. One of if not the biggest thing I eventually want to do is speak on the (cultural) issues and challenge the online punks of cancel culture.

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After watching the video on copyright laws with Larry Lessig, my biggest takeaway was the highlighting of common sense, and how it does not allow for true free creation. Mr. Lessig is right in pointing out that when you factor in the dawn of man from the time we were closer to apes than anything else, there is no true original content at this point. Everything at this point is essentially a “copy” of a copy.

How much should users of the web think about copyright as you and others share, re-share, and remix content on the web?

Users of the web is a broad blanket statement. Casual users of the web don’t need to worry about copyright issues. Creators on/of the web however, unfortunately have to be very mindful of taking this into account. I recently had an experience with that very law when I made a short video of 39th Birthday using an excerpt from the LInkin Park song Little things give you away. Good thing the video was cheesy and/or amateurish and I was only using it to build my video editing skills.

What is fair use?

As long as you/one are not trying to overtly monetize off of the work/content someone else made, you/we should all be able to harness the power of technology to repurpose pieces of all art and culture to tell our story, our perspective.

Larry Lessig said, “It is now anybody with access to a $1500 computer who can take sounds and images from the culture around us and use it to say things differently. These tools of creativity have become tools of speech.  It is a literacy for this generation.

This resonates with me for one reason, and one reason alone. Stand-up comedy. The one art form that breaks all the boundaries and pushes the limit of human potential anytime someone has the presence of mind and/or balls to do so. Stand-up comedians are the unofficial frontline defenders of all things free speech and true creative expression. Don’t believe me. Take a listen to this bit by the great George Carlin and tell me he wouldn’t be bombarded by todays’ cancel culture.