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Looking back at this semester, if I had to guess where I’m going in the near & far future, it’s going to be wherever my skills will propel me. This class has shown me that I’m not as crazy as I thought I was for awhile and all I ever needed was the knowledge and tools combined with the right […]

First Gif

Hey everybody. I wanted to use my first GIF post to piggy back off of my internet happiness one. In it I embedded a set mix by the DJ group Tale of Us. What you didn’t know or should I say I didn’t include is that if it weren’t for the video game Grand Theft Auto 5 I wouldn’t even […]

Domain Name Ideas

Before the spring 2021 semester began I was thinking of the type of content I’d like to create since being a game designer didn’t work out.   And like game design. It really has no limits. I just want to “artistically” be able to do whatever I want and be a one man wrecking machine.   Having a domain that […]

Domain Name Aquired

Confession. I didn’t set up my domain Thursday after class like I thought but I did do it Saturday at 2am like the true Nuyorican hipster that I am. The process was simple and Professor Seslow could not have done a better job with making the class recording be a live tutorial. This is for you Professor…   Looking back […]