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I recently had the opportunity to visit NYC’s summer themed Van Gogh Experience. I wanted to take my sister for her 45th birthday and I took my niece along for the experience. The entrance is pretty generic. Even some of the exhibits pieces are reminiscent of a traditional museums layout. But as you take a walk/look around, you’ll both notice […]

Internet Happiness

Hello everyone. Thankfully. Due to my relationship with the Internet, over the weekend I was able to watch two recent episodes of my favorite shows. Looking beyond those two, the internet contributes to my happiness almost all the time. I use it almost exclusively to stream some sort of media mainly in the form of music. I don’t do Instagram, […]

Are Memes Art?

I don’t know if it’s an age and/or generational thing. I don’t care for it but I definitely appreciate it when it’s well done in my eyes. I equate it almost like a random (art) museum visit. Everyone’s going to have a different favorite exhibit, and some people might just feel indifferent or unimpressed. Memes are a great tool for […]

My Favorite Musician

My favorite Musician is drummer Danny Carey He became my favorite drummer after this guy… Lars Ulrich. drummer for Metallica. But anyway. Back to my guy. Danny Carey. Drummer for Tool. Rock band with a signature art style you might’ve seen. To be that good of a drummer I believe takes the same type of discipline that is required to […]


After watching the video on copyright laws with Larry Lessig, my biggest takeaway was the highlighting of common sense, and how it does not allow for true free creation. Mr. Lessig is right in pointing out that when you factor in the dawn of man from the time we were closer to apes than anything else, there is no true […]