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Are Memes Art?

I don’t know if it’s an age and/or generational thing. I don’t care for it but I definitely appreciate it when it’s well done in my eyes. I equate it almost like a random (art) museum visit. Everyone’s going to have a different favorite exhibit, and some people might just feel indifferent or unimpressed. Memes are a great tool for digital communication but they are limited to just that. Humans can’t, haven’t, nor will master basic vocal interaction and here we go in a digital age making things more complicated. But anyway, that said…

But then…

Now. Since I don’t want to go and/or get lost down the meme making ( hole any more than I feel I have to for the day. I invite anyone reading this to my last 3 posts for the digital version of some of my¬† backstory.


And now…


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